Welcome to CELEBRITY OOPS GALLERIES where we shall be showing all the best bloopers of the public personality. THere will be videos and pics to view and some of them will hopefully have you in histerics.

So what have we got lined up for you to see on this blog I hear you cry. Well you name it but one things for sure, it will be good and entertaining and will have you steaming under the collar. there will be plenty of CELEBRITY OOPS PICS nad accompanying videos to view. these will contain the usual suspects like Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Britney Spears, Dame Edna Everage (only joking) and my favourite Jesica Alba.

But this all sounds very similar I hear you cry. doesnt everybody offer this very same thing. Well to be honest I hope that I am different but if im not then oops off. if you were looking fo rsomething and ended up here its most likely because we have what you are after and that is CELEBRITY OOPS GALLERIES so have a browse around and see for yourself. there are funny and painful ones and some sexy and downright disgusting ones. but thats all part of the ride.

Now I will say this from the start. My aim is not to be a nipslip site (if you dont know what that is then thats a good thing and you should keep it that way!!). My aim is to provide you the entertainment that the entertainers dont want you to see. So no Britney Spears flashes I'm afraid but definately a trip or fall or even a close call.

So now you know what we are offering hopefully you will kepp it here to view CELEBRITY OOPS PICS. If thats what you were after then this is the place you will get it.